Aged horses / horses headed to loose sale (Warm Springs)

Do you have an older horse that can't keep weight on that is soon to be headed to Billings?

Possibly a lame horse that is only sound to be a companion but you can't afford to feed?

Or possibly an older horse that you can't afford to have put down?

Let's face it. Most of those older horses going to the loose sale don't deserve to be dropped off, put in a pen full of strange - possibly aggressive - horses, and then bopped around by a paddle up the alleyway into the ring, sold for pennys on the dollar and then loaded on a truck headed for a horse meat packing plant in Canada with the horses they were thrown in with just a day or 2 before.

Many of these horses have given us their whole lives and have become a favorite of someone or another. Instead of having this traumatic experience be their last allow me to help you help your horse one last time in giving them the end of days that they deserve.

I have room for one or two of these horses. Once they are here they will spend the rest of their days with me. I feed quality hay (I have both grass and alfalfa) and supplement with grain or beet pulp when needed. I have an older gelding that always loves a friend as well as a separate pen if needed.

I have plenty of room at my place to put older horses to rest after giving them lots of love. I can also make horse hair keepsakes out of a small amount of mane.

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